About Us

Innovcare VA, Innovative Veterans Affairs Real Estate, LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. We are experts in real estate development, consulting, brokerage, property management and many other fields. We provide innovative solutions for Veterans and their healthcare.

Innovcare VA achieves measurable outcomes with solutions that are quick, cost-efficient and innovative. We are committed to changing the real estate landscape as Veterans' needs evolve. We are focused on how healthcare reform change the business dynamics of the healthcare real estate industry. We pride ourselves on reducing healthcare delivery cost associated with real estate assets.


Innovcare VA has a proven record in planning and developing high quality, healthcare real estate assets. We specialize in the unique needs of VHA and GSA leasing, adhering to FAR and similarly prescribed regulations to ensure that the project smoothly transitions from the RLP through design and construction, and the facility will meet the needs of VA staff and our Veterans throughout the lifespan of the lease.

Our unique company structure strategically positions us to provide innovative ideas and financial flexibility. We are committed to innovating the real estate landscape as VA and Veteran needs evolve. We strengthen these relationships by using our extensive history to help assist in strategic alignment, programming, joint ventures, space utilization, long range operations, and investment.


Innovcare VA provides healthcare real estate property management services tailored specifically to Government leases. We offer full-service leases that adhere for FAR and VA guidelines with a focus on providing as much cost effectiveness and quality as possible. Our reimbursement models are innovative and creative to incentivize all parties involved. These incentives reduce operating expense and focus on compliance, safety, and quality.

Innovcare VA has experience in managing and maintaining over one million square feet of assets. This allows Innovcare to occupy a unique position when leveraging its affiliate’s scale to retain expertise, supply staffing needs, and reducing overall expenses.


Innovcare VA’s brokerage division has extensive experience in the healthcare real estate market that allows for alignment with a healthcare organization’s objectives to overcome complex transactions and situations involving hospitals and physicians.

We personally and professionally understand the struggles of a changing business climate and know sometimes it takes some creativity to complete tasks and manage cost.

Medical Office + Surgery Center Development

Innovcare VA specializes in medical office building development; specifically, Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) and Outpatient Clinics. Innovcare VA is interested in MOB developments that are for clinical office, mental health, FQHC, surgery center, lab, imaging, and other ancillary service uses. Innovcare VA’s principal partners have developed and constructed over $500 million in real estate assets. Innovcare VA’s unique business structure gives many opportunities for creative partnerships and financial success. Innovcare VA has the expertise to partner with the right team to be cost effective, compliant, and successful depending on how the facility is licensed.

Mixed Use-Healthcare + Housing Development

Innovcare VA is excited to bridge its healthcare knowledge with its affiliate partner TWG Development to build mixed-use healthcare and housing projects, to include CLCs, SNFs and Domiciliary. Our unique experience will bring many opportunities to the healthcare tenant.

Repurposing Existing Healthcare Assets

Innovcare VA’s creative and innovative team can take a complex situation and distressed building and make it a successful healthcare asset that performs and operates to a healthcare real estate industry standard. This would include the master planning of an EUL, and work within Historical assets.

Fee Development

Innovcare VA is in the business of satisfying its healthcare clients. Innovcare VA is flexible when it come to ownership versus fee development, consulting, etc. We are creative and innovative and will do what it takes to get the job done no matter what the financial relationship.

Property Management + Maintenance

Innovcare VA offers the expertise on how to manage and maintain a complex Government Medical building. We provide quality property management with a focus on FAR, GSA and VA specific lease requirements.

Leasing + Consulting

Innovcare VA’s brokerage division has extensive experience in the healthcare real estate market that allows for alignment with a healthcare organization’s objectives to overcome complex transactions and situations involving hospital and physicians. Innovcare VA has represented over 100 healthcare clients, over $20 million in real estate brokerage transactions, and over 50 medical office buildings in Indiana.

Our Team

The team at Innovcare VA has been hand-picked to ensure that every employee has a passion and drive toward changing the healthcare real estate industry for our Veterans.

Our team is led by Drew Stevenson, a Service-Disabled Veteran, who receives care through the VA, has worked in the VA, and is passionate about improving the quality and access to health care for our Veterans. Innovcare VA has multiple advanced degrees specializing in health administration, real estate, legal, accounting, property management, etc. We take pride in having dedicated employees that understand the complexities that come when health care and real estate cross paths.

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